Service Dogs


How We Do It


Each Patriot PAWS Service Dog starts their training between 8 and 10 weeks old at the main Rockwall Training Center. They begin training right when they arrive by working on the basics such as sitting and maintaining eye contact. Once they receive all of their vaccinations, they will head to one of the following branches of our program: 


-DFW Puppy Raisers: This is a small group of local volunteers that take the dog in training into their home and are trained to teach them good house manners, continue working their cues and advance their training. DFW Puppy Raisers attend weekly classes with our Puppy Raiser Coordinator to learn new training techniques to keep their Service Dog in Training on track. 

-Texas A&M Puppy Raisers: Patriot PAWS Aggieland is a school sanctioned, student led volunteer group that is trained to raise our Service Dogs and continue their training. The students will take their dog with them everywhere they go, and will work with them on cues, proper behaviors, and socialize them to new people and environments. The over 200 students that are currently volunteering have regular meetings and classes with Patriot PAWS staff to be sure that the pups stay on track.   

-Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Inmates: In partnership with the TDCJ, Patriot PAWS has Inmate Trainers in two women’s units, and one men’s unit. Each Inmate is trained to work with our dogs, and has regular check-ins and training sessions with our Training Team. Due to the nature of the environment, our Prison Units serve as a sort of “boot camp’ for our pups that need to focus on a particular aspect of their training. 

Each Service Dog in Training will spend around 3-4 months in each branch of training and will rotate through each one depending on their training needs over the course of their 2-2.5 years of training. By the end of their training, a Patriot PAWS Service Dog is estimated to value over $35,000. Each Veteran that Graduates from Patriot PAWS will receive their dog at no cost to them. 

Service Dogs

Patriot PAWS Service Dogs are Public Access Working Dogs of the highest quality. Held to rigorous training standards put forth by Assistance Dogs International (ADI), Patriot PAWS Service Dogs assist in mitigating the disabilities of disabled American Veterans by assisting them with daily tasks as well as improving their physical and emotional independence.  

In-Home Working Dog

While Public Access Service Dogs are permitted in all locations the general public is allowed and perform tasks for the Veterans both in and outside of the home, In-Home Working dogs do not have public access and assist their Veterans with tasks solely within the home.  

Facility Dog

Facility Dogs improve the morale of both clients, and staff members, within a specific facility and only have public access within the building they work in.  Patriot PAWS has had the privilege of placing Facility Dogs with locations such as Children’s Advocacy Centers, Mental Health Programs for First Responders and even Exercise Training Centers for individuals with physical disabilities.

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