Service Dogs.

We are currently accepting applications for a fully certified, Patriot PAWS Service Dog from veterans with a qualifying period of active duty service during or after Desert Storm.  Veterans who served prior to this period are encouraged to apply for a social companion dog. Social companion dogs are helpful within the home but DO NOT  have public access.

Our Mobility Service Dogs are trained to

  • get help in emergencies
  • pick up and retrieve items
  • open and close doors and cabinets
  • pull wheelchairs into place
  • provide bracing for balance, standing, walking, and sitting
  • assist with laundry and other household chores
  • remove shoes and socks

Patriot PAWS Service Dogs typically enter our training program from breeders, animal shelters and rescue groups.  Each dog is carefully evaluated and only the best of the best are selected.  Patriot PAWS does not accept donations of family pets as candidates for our training program.

Our Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) Service Dogs are trained to recognize and help minimize PTS symptoms to include

  • nightmares
  • flashbacks
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • sleep disturbances
  • difficulty with relationships
Service Animal Definition
ADI standards
Service Dog Cost analysis

The cost to train a fully certified, Patriot PAWS Service Dog is approximately $34,000. This figure includes an average of 2 years of professional training, housing, food and medical costs. Patriot PAWS Service Dogs exclusively uses positive reinforcement to train its dogs. This training philosophy builds on the unconditional love and loyalty that a dog will intuitively provide to their human. Once that strong bond forms, the dog’s trust, devotion and a desire to please will strengthen the training it has already received. The minimum standards for all service dog training centers affiliated with Assistance Dogs International (ADI), are listed in our ADI Minimum Standards Requirements article.  We are proud to be ADI Certified and strive to train our dogs at levels above the minimum standard.