Service Dog Application

Patriot PAWS Service Dogs are highly trained Public Access Working Dogs, held to rigorous standards set by Assistance Dogs International (ADI). These dogs are specifically trained to help mitigate the disabilities of American Veterans and assist them with daily tasks, improving their physical and emotional independence.

In-Home Working Dog Application

In-Home Working Dogs are specifically trained to assist their Veterans with tasks within the home. Unlike Public Access Service Dogs, In-Home Working Dogs do not have public access and are not permitted in locations where the general public is allowed. However, they provide valuable assistance and support to their Veterans in their daily lives at home.

Facility Dog Application

Facility Dogs improve the morale of both clients and staff members within a specific facility and only have public access within the building they work in.  Patriot PAWS has had the privilege of placing Facility Dogs with locations such as Children’s Advocacy Centers, Mental Health Programs for First Responders and even Exercise Training Centers for individuals with physical disabilities.  

Dog Adoption Application

At Patriot PAWS, we recognize that not all dogs are suited to be service dogs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t bring joy and companionship to a loving family. We offer adoption services for dogs that didn’t meet our service dog training standards. These dogs have received basic obedience training and have been socialized with other animals and people, making them wonderful pets for any home.

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