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Service Dog Training

Service Dogs

Patriot PAWS Dogs

Patriot PAWS Service Dogs

Our service dogs are initially selected from breeders, local animal shelters, rescue groups, and service dog puppy raisers. They are carefully evaluated prior to selection and only the best of the best become candidates, graduate, and are certified. Please note that the selection process at Patriot PAWS is extensive. Although generous, please do not try to donate your family pet to Patriot PAWS.


Our dogs are trained to perform many services including:

  • Get help in emergencies
  • Pick up and retrieve items
  • Open and close doors and cabinets
  • Pull wheelchairs
  • Provide bracing to stand, walk, and sit down
  • Help with chores, such as laundry
  • Take shoes and socks off


Patriot PAWS Service Dogs

Perhaps one of the most beneficial remedies is the unconditional love and devotion a dog can provide to their lifelong partners. Once a strong bond forms between the person-dog relationship, the dog’s trust, devotion and a desire to please will follow.

The cost to train a service dog is approximately $27,000. This expense represents 18 to 24 months training, housing, feeding and health related costs. Patriot PAWS Service Dogs specializes in using positive reinforcement to train its dogs.

The minimum standards for all service dog centers affiliated with ADI are listed in our ADI Minimum Standards Requirements article. All centers are encouraged to strive to work at levels above the minimums.



*Effective July 7, 2014*
Due to our extensive waiting list, new applications will not be accepted until Jan. 1, 2015

Veterans with Mobile Disabilities

Veterans with PTSD ONLY