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Service Dog Training

Service Dog Application

Service Dog Application


Patriot PAWS Service Dogs is deeply grateful to the brave men and women who fight for our freedom. We work diligently to honor America’s finest. If you are a veteran with a service connected disability for mobility and/or PTS and would like assistance, please click on the blue button at the bottom of this page to download the Service Dog Application which is in PDF format.

You can e-mail us at: office@patriotpaws.org


Application Process For Veterans With Service Connected Disabilities


It is the policy of Patriot PAWS that if a service dog is to be placed in a home where another dog is present, we reserve the right to deny placement according to the personalities and strengths of the service dogs available at that time. We must make sure the service dog team will be able to properly bond. When more than one dog is in the applicant’s home, we will not consider placement of a service dog into that environment. IN NO WAY ARE WE SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD REMOVE YOUR FAMILY PETS. Because of our policy, we encourage you to also apply with other agencies.

1. Download the application from our website and make a hard copy for completion. Please type or print clearly with blue or black ink only. 

2. Complete Part 1: Personal Information (pp. 3-10)
Submit Part 1 with a copy of the veteran’s DD-214 (if applicable) by mail, fax or email:

MAIL: Patriot PAWS Service Dogs, 254 Ranch Trail, Rockwall, TX 75032
FAX: 972-772-3284
EMAIL: Scan and attach to an email to office@patriotpaws.org

3. Part 2: Medical History (pages A-D) is to be completed by the applicant’s Medical or Mental Health Provider. Patriot PAWS does not require the applicant’s full medical records. You may have the Provider’s office mail the Medical History portion of the application directly to Patriot PAWS Service Dogs at the above contact options. Please note: applicant’s disability must be service connected, and noted as such in the Medical History portion of the application.

4. Two letters of recommendation are required from any person not related to the applicant. One letter should be from a Veterinarian IF the applicant currently has one.

5. A facility visit, where the applicant physically visits the Patriot PAWS Training Center in Rockwall, TX, is required. If a facility visit is not feasible, the applicant must contact Patriot PAWS and speak to a representative who will discuss, in detail, the applicant’s next option.

6. When all items required for this application have been received, (applicant’s portion, medical portion, letters of reference, facility visit), the application will be reviewed by the Patriot PAWS Selection Committee. A representative of Patriot PAWS will contact the applicant to clarify any committee issues, answer any questions, and advise the applicant of the next step in the application process.

7. An in-home visit must be completed. This involves a Patriot PAWS representative physically visiting the applicant’s home to meet with the applicant and any other individuals and/or animals that reside within the applicant’s home. The visit generally lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours and will be scheduled by a Patriot PAWS representative at the availability of Patriot PAWS and the applicant. 

8. Please note, sending in the application does not mean the applicant is automatically approved. The application MUST go before a committee and an in-home visit completed before the applicant is approved. It is crucial that the applicant send in all the items needed by Patriot PAWS, and understand that the application process, from time of approval to placement, can take anywhere from 24-36 months

9. Once a service dog is determined appropriate for the applicant, the applicant must be financially able to travel to Texas and afford accommodations during the transitional training phase with the service dog (approximately 10 days). Patriot PAWS does not provide such things as attendant care, transportation, etc. during this period.