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Service Dog Training

Puppy Raisers

Puppy Raisers


Full-Time Puppy Raisers

Full-Time puppy raisers live and work with their puppy/dog in their homes for an extended period of time. This period of time is determined by the Patriot PAWS trainers and depends on many contributing factors. Before you decide to foster one of our adorable, energetic puppies/dogs you may want to consider what Patriot PAWS needs from you.

Please remember that puppy raising is a donation of your time, contributions and service.  We at Patriot PAWS appreciate your dedication to our program. Download a printable Puppy Raiser Application and follow the directions on page 4 for submitting.

Requirements include:

  • Providing a safe, healthy environment where the puppy/dog feels loved and wanted
  • Understanding that this is a family commitment and everyone in the family is to be involved in the welfare of the puppy/dog
  • Socializing and keeping the puppy/dog with you as much as possible (i.e. shopping, work, family outings, etc.)
  • Teaching the puppy/dog good house manners
  • Exercising and training your puppy/dog daily
  • Having a fenced-in yard
  • Obtaining regular medical care (i.e. vaccinations) for the puppy in coordination with Patriot PAWS
  • Completing monthly reports provided by the trainers
  • The willingness to follow the training guidelines given by Patriot PAWS
  • Returning the dog to Patriot PAWS as instructed by the trainers
  • Attendance at training sessions at least twice a month; daytime classes are held two Fridays each month from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • There are special requirements for Texas residents living over 200 miles from the Rockwall area. Please send an email to AJ Blanchette at AJ@patriotpaws.org for more information


Weekend Puppy Raisers


If you are unable to commit to being a full-time Puppy Raiser, another option is to become a weekend puppy raiser. Our dogs need to be pets, too! Weekend puppy raisers help socialize our dogs by allowing them in their homes to play and meet all kinds of people. We also expect weekenders to have our dogs in a safe environment and work on good house manners. Weekenders will pick up their dog on Friday at the Rockwall Training Center and drop off their dog on Monday morning at the Rockwall Training Center.

Weekend dogs will not be given public access (i.e. he/she will not come home with a Patriot PAWS vest). If you would like to take the dog out in public you will have to go through the same training as full-time puppy raisers.
Download a printable Puppy Raiser Application and follow the directions on page 4 for submitting.