Patriot PAWS Fall 2017 Graduation


Patriot PAWS – Who We Are

Hear from volunteers and staff in this overview of what Patriot PAWS is all about! We appreciate any support you can give us on #NTxGivingDay when you give to Patriot PAWS at…


Patriot PAWS – Prison Program

Be inspired by Patriot PAWS Aggieland Trainer, Cindy Sutton’s, #WhyIGive story!

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Patriot PAWS – A Veteran’s Perspective

Veteran Coordinator, Aaron Mixell, shares his passion for helping disabled veterans.


Patriot PAWS – Our Training Director

Training Director – Bonnie, shares her passion for helping disabled veterans and raising Patriot PAWS puppies.

Patriot PAWS – From Our Founder

Founder and Executive Director, Lori Stevens, shares her #WhyIGive story.

Patriot PAWS – What Is A Puppy Raiser?

Patriot PAWS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Tammie Zaleski, shares her passion for helping disabled veterans and raising Patriot PAWS puppies.


Inmates, vets find new hope through service dog program

GATESVILLE – Inside this women’s prison North of Gatesville, two people with very different lives will forever be connected by a dog named Stan.

Inmate Nicole Windham’s five DUIs got her a sentence of 13 years.

“If you don’t take responsibility for it and say, ‘I got myself here,’ and humble yourself – that’s been the biggest thing, humbling yourself from wherever you came from,” Windham said.

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Every Veteran Deserves A Service Dog!


Patriot PAWS is a non-profit dedicated to providing disabled veterans with service dogs and no cost to the veteran. Each service dog is specially trained by elite dog trainers to assist and protect veterans with life-altering injuries, PTSD, and other disabilities. Each dog takes approximately two years to train, costing the organization around $33,000 per pup. Now, The Texas Federation of Republican Women is raising funds to help!

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Years long waitlist for service dogs from Rockwall non-profit

Aaron Mixell

Retired U.S. Army Ranger Aaron Mixel is standing on the side of a road in Rockwall; it’s something he says he couldn’t do two years ago.

You look around most streets and you see debris on the sides and the work cones, and these are things they’ve put IEDs in.

Mixel served in the military for 20 years. He enlisted in his home state of California at the age of 17. In 2009, he was in Afghanistan when an IED exploded right next to him. He was only partially blocked by the Humvee he was standing next to at the time. He suffered brain damage, lost his right eye and his arm was torn up by the shrapnel.

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