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Service Dog Training

Meet Beau

Beau, K-9 Education Instructor


Meet Beau

Beau, Lori Stevens’ black lab, co-founded Patriot PAWS with Lori in February 2006. His name may not be on the paperwork, but he was with Lori every paw-step of the way.

In 1996, Beau belonged to Lonestar Assistance Dogs where Lori was volunteering training service dogs. At the time, Beau was working with another trainer and showed signs of fear while working in public around men. Lori was asked to bring Beau into her home of 3 men, her husband and two grown sons, for further training. The family fell in love with Beau and asked Lonestar if they could keep him. Lonestar agreed as long as Lori would continue working with him in animal-assisted therapy.

Beau and Lori made many public outings during the years that followed, among them Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Lake Pointe Hospital in Rowlett and Changelle Air Force, a non-profit organization that works with children, just to name a few. Beau also worked as a demo dog for Texas Hearing and Service Dogs.

In November 2003, Beau and Lori were asked to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman, but Beau was unable to appear due to a tail injury; however, they were invited again and appeared on the show in May 2004. They also appeared as contestants on Animal Planet’s Pet Star TV show in December 2004 which can still be seen in reruns.

In 2005, Beau received the Award For Canine Excellence, a certificate of honor from the AKC as recognition of dogs in the service of mankind.

Beau was Lori’s demo dog for Country K-9 Service Dogs, the forerunner of Patriot PAWS, and was Patriot PAWS’ demo dog for the remainder of his career. Late in 2009, Beau retired and passed the mantle of demo dog to Patriot, a young and energetic yellow lab.

Beau remained Patriot PAWS’ mascot and number-one canine until March 2011 when he passed away at the age of 15. During the course of his long and glorious career, Beau met and touched the lives of countless people and inspired both people and other service dogs alike to serve others. He is missed by all who knew him.